Concussion and the Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist

The Centre for Disease Control (2017) definition states that concussion is a type of acquired brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body causing the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.  Symptoms of concussion fall into...

Help! My Toddler Isn’t Talking!

Many parents are unsure of when and if to be concerned when their toddler is not yet talking. It is important to remember that a speech-language pathologist can provide comprehensive assessments on even these little kids to help parents identify if a concern exists....

Does Fetal Alcohol Syndrom (FAS) affect Language Development?

The negative effects of alcohol on the fetus and child have been discussed since the time of Aristotle. He spoke up against prenatal drinking saying that ‘drunken women bring forth children like unto themselves, morosos (sluggish) et languido (weak)’ (Mattson and...

Working on Speech and Language Goals and Making It Fun

When your child has many speech and language issues and there are many goals to work on in therapy, how does the speech-language pathologist (S-LP) work on EVERYTHING and at the same time ensure therapy is fun and engaging? Speech-language pathologists know that there...


The summer is almost here - Is it a good time for speech therapy? Yes! It is a perfect  time to work on your child’s  communication goals because your child is more relaxed and does not have the added pressures of early mornings, school routines and extracurricular...

Missing Milestones: Does My Child Need to See a Speech Therapist?

When a child has difficulty with speech and/or language, parents often get all sorts of (well meaning!) advice: “Wait it out”, “He’s a late bloomer”, “She’ll get it eventually”. When should you start to consider the involvement of a speech-language pathologist? The...

The Picky Eater

The Role the Speech- Language Pathologist Plays Feeding Assessment and Therapy Speech-language pathologists play a very important role when working with children who have feeding difficulties and/or are picky eaters. Speech-language pathologists have knowledge of...

What are the Benefits of Speech and Language Group Therapy?

For years we have been hearing about the benefits of private one-on-one therapy and need for individual support, however recently there has been a lot of talk about group speech therapy. Why choose group therapy for your child? How will your child get the attention...

The Benefits of Storytelling to Preschool Language Development

When children begin school, they need to extend their language skills to include reading and writing. Telling and listening to stories provides a bridge between the oral language skills of early childhood and the more formal language of print. With the ability to tell...

Practical Tips for Working on Speech and Language at Home

For many parents, juggling work, school, homework and extra-curriculars is an exhausting feat. Now on top of all that your child is seeing a speech-language pathologist and they are giving you more HOMEWORK! Below are some practical tips that I give to my client's...
I Think My Child Has a Stutter…What Do I Do?

I Think My Child Has a Stutter…What Do I Do?

Many children go through a period of normal dysfluencys during the preschool years as they learn to put sounds, words and sentences together. Normal dysfluencys include word and phrase repetitions and hesitations. Some children, however, develop a speech that includes...

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Help! My Child is a Picky Eater!!

Dropped plates, thrown foods, defiant screams.... Mealtimes with toddlers can be difficult at the best of times! But having to deal with a toddler who is also a picky eater can make mealtimes even more stressful. Most people don't know that speech-language...

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Is it Possible to Teach Children to Speak in Two Languages?

Is it Possible to Teach Children to Speak in Two Languages?

"Is it too confusing to learn two languages simultaneously?” “Will learning two languages cause our child’s speech or language skills to be delayed?” “How should we teach our child two languages?” These questions are typical concerns of parents considering to use more...

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