Speech Therapy for Adults

Speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) are trained to work with people on a variety of workplace and social communication skills. One of their strengths is helping those whose first language is not English communicate better in English and achieve a more neutral or ‘Canadian’ accent. Good communication has many benefits in the workplace, social and community settings. Speech-language pathologists have the unique skills to teach accent modification.

Accent modification therapy may involve:

  • Learning pronunciation of individual sounds
  • Learning ‘Canadian English’ rhythm, stress and intonation within words, phrases and sentences
  • Working on Canadian vocabulary
  • Working on specialised workplace communication skills

The aim of accent reduction is not to erase the accent but rather to make sure it doesn’t prevent a person from clearly communicating thoughts and ideas with confidence.

Benefits from the Accent Modification Program include the following:

  • Increased ability to be understood by others
  • Increased confidence when speaking in English in a variety of settings e.g. workplace, with friends
  • Increased ability to understand English
  • Increased ability to be understood on the phone
  • Ability to enjoy communication in a variety of settings

Corporate services are available in workplace settings.

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