Business Communication

Strong communication skills are highly regarded in the business world.

The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada’s (STCC) team of Speech Language Pathologists (S-LPs) offer the specific training necessary to optimize business communication in the workplace. Our S-LPs have the necessary communication knowledge to assist with effective communication and to teach strategies and styles that will benefit both internal communication and external communication with business partners. Our SLP’s experience with providing feedback and modelling different styles of communication are essential to teaching these skills.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Accent modification
    • Learning pronunciation of individual sounds
    • Learning ‘Canadian English’ rhythm, stress and intonation within words, phrases, and sentences
    • Working on Canadian vocabulary and appropriate business communication
    • Providing an increased ability to be easily understood.
  • Telephone skills to ensure clarity of expression, correct pitch and enthusiasm through voice training
  • Internal and external conversation skills
  • Effective listening skills including getting others to listen to initial message (getting attention) and continue listening to your message
  • Social communication such as small talk, appropriate greetings, appropriate non-verbal communication such as eye contact, gesture, posture
  • Resolving conflict through appropriate verbal communication e.g., see others’ point of view
  • Presentation skills including gesture, eye contact with audience, listening skills and more, focus on the “wow factor” through great communication styles
  • Voice – teach correct use of strategies for projection, variety, and pitch to promote enthusiasm and interest 

We offer training to executives and staff and tailor our programs to particular workplace environments. We offer in-person and virtual one-on-one services as well as small or large group workshops conducted at your workplace. Speech therapy services are covered by most extended benefits programs.

It is through our strategies and support that staff and executives will more easily be able to express ideas, become more confident and improve their self-esteem.


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