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Communication is an essential part of everyday living. Adequate communication skills are an important aspect of home, community, school, and workplace functioning. Meeting and keeping friends require knowledge of important social communication skills. It is through one’s communication that we get to know about a person’s wants, needs, opinions, ideas, and the essence of who they are.

The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada is a team of dedicated speech-language pathologists (S-LPs or speech therapists) who provide assessments and therapy services for a variety of communication disorders. Some more common difficulties we see in pre-school children include speech difficulties such as difficulty pronouncing sounds, language delay/disorders including late talkers, stuttering, communication disorders associated with autism spectrum disorders, drooling and swallowing difficulties.

In school-aged children, language and speech sound disorders, stuttering, social communication issues, voice issues and the communication deficits we see with language- based learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder and ADHD are commonly addressed.

In adults, stroke therapy as a result of aphasia, swallowing, voice issues, and communication issues observed with Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia such as Alzheimer’s are widely addressed, as are accent modification and corporate training (presentations, speech writing). This includes assisting people with being easily understood but at the same time retaining the essence of their own culture.

Our speech therapists also assess and treat adults and children who sustain concussions and mild to severe brain injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, sports injury or a slip and fall. The cognitive-communication and speech and swallowing difficulties that can occur because of an acquired brain injury require the support of a speech-language pathologist.

At the Speech Therapy Centres of Canada, our licensed speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) and client relations and administration team members are truly committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients and their families. After an assessment, our speech therapists create a personalized therapy plan including specific goals to help every client reach their potential and participate fully at home, within the community, and at school or in the workplace.

Speech Therapy Centres of Canada has clinics across Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Richmond Hill, to serve preschool children (including toddlers), school aged children, adults, and seniors. In addition to in person therapy, we offer online speech therapy (virtual/ web therapy).

Speech Therapy for Preschool Children (including toddlers) in Richmond Hill

Early intervention in children with speech and language difficulties is recommended. The earlier the intervention, the less frustration the child will have when communicating.

Speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) are the trained professionals to identify, manage and treat problems including drooling, swallowing, pre-school language disorders, or any other speech difficulties in toddlers and children. In typically developing children, there is an age at which certain language skills milestones are achieved, click here to get the Milestone Checklist.

Speech Therapy Centres of Canada addresses the many communications needs of children on the autism spectrum (ASD). Family and client-centred approaches are an essential part of our philosophy. Our speech pathologists are trained to use supportive communication (AAC – alternative and augmentative communication) to ensure meaningful communication occurs when clients have severe speech and language difficulties.


Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

Speech Therapy for School-Aged Children in Richmond Hill

Adequate communication skills are an essential component of daily activities for school-aged children at home, in the community and at school. These include social communication (making and meeting friends), reading and writing (literacy), understanding instructional language in the classroom, telling stories, and expressing wants and needs.

School-aged children’s understanding of instructional language and the increasingly more complex aspects of language (sarcasm, abstract language) are all areas addressed by speech therapists. At this age, speech therapists can assess children that are bilingual to help determine whether a child has a language delay or just needs to catch up with the language skills required for learning in the classroom.


Speech Therapy for Adult

Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

Speech Therapy for Adults and Seniors in Richmond Hill

The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada offers various services tailored to adults. Our speech-language pathologists provide assessments and therapy to people who have aphasia following strokes and other neurological conditions. Communication issues associated with Dementia, concussions, mild, moderate, and severe acquired brain injuries and Parkinson’s Disease are addressed by our team of speech therapists. Stuttering, swallowing, voice therapy, accent modification and corporate training including speech writing and assisting with some of the other areas we address. Voice therapy for people who are transitioning from male to female or female to male is another important aspect of our voice therapy program.

Speech language pathologists (S-LPs) can help adults adequately express their wants and needs, opinions and ideas at university, college, in the home, at work and in the community. Providing the tools to ensure meaningful communication is an essential component of our speech therapy program.

Speech Therapy For Seniors

Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

For clients with severe speech and language difficulties, our speech pathologists are trained to use supportive communication (AAC – alternative and augmentative communication) to ensure meaningful communication.

The team at the Speech Therapy Centres of Canada is dedicated to providing our clients and their families in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the highest level of care whether it be in-person sessions at one of our clinics or interactive, secure therapy over the web. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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