I am sure that all parents know that communication development begins at birth. You as parents are instrumental in promoting this development. There is nothing as exciting as hearing your baby cooing, smiling at you when they see your face, or using a gesture- they are being responsive to you and connecting with you. How wonderful!!!!! differentiate patterns of spoken language ( pauses, pitch changes, rhythm and so much more.

Babies recognize a parent or familiar voice and they turn in the direction of the sound. (louder sounds when very young).   Babies can differentiate patterns of spoken language ( pauses, pitch changes, and rhythm) and so much more.

So what are some of the key elements that shape your baby’s development?

  1. The quality of your communication e.g your tone of voice, hearing a “kind, Loving, soothing” tone is so important for love and bonding
  • Using a slower ( not slow) pace with pauses
  • Using gestures
  • Animation or stress in your voice so that it is interesting to your baby
  1. The quantity and type of communication
  • That involves the amount of speech – find a balance between talking too much or too little
  • Use a variety of words such as nouns, verbs adjectives, and more
  • Use lots of repetition

During the first year, babies move through a series of stages that allows them to make increasing varieties of sounds such as cooing, babbling, and more developed babbling ( more sounds). They may use more inflections and then start using single words. All children are different and develop speech and language at their own pace. (communication milestones)

The most important part of communication is to enjoy the interaction and fun when communicating with your baby.