On Monday, August 12, 2013, we held a wonderful workshop here at The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada. The free parent speech therapy workshop was tailored towards helping parents understand the challenges their children face when communicating with others. The workshop was designed to show parents different ways they can help their children overcome communication obstacles and make friends.

The workshop showed participants real-world strategies of how they can help with the development of the social communication skills of their children at home and how this can be translated into making friends.

Some of the strategies covered included:

  • Teaching children how to start a conversation
  • Modelling the correct greetings
  • Video- modelling as a method to teach appropriate social communication
  • Learning how to focus on the main idea of a conversation

The workshop was a tremendous success! We had many more visitors than we have ever had. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you. Thank you to everyone who attended and spread the word about our workshop. We hope to do another free workshop soon.

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Thank you!

Jeanette Podolsky
Clinical Director
The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada
BA (Speech and Hearing Therapy) Wits. Reg. CASLPO