Canada is a wonderfully multicultural nation with people of all backgrounds living side by side. The different languages and accents that come with this variety add to the richness of our country’s cultural mosaic. For those who speak English as a second language, an accent can prove to be a barrier to being understood. For these individuals, speech therapy for accent modification or accent reduction courses in Toronto can be of immense benefit. Speech language pathologists (S-LPs) regularly see adult clients for accent modification therapy. In a city as diverse as Toronto, it is natural for people to seek accent reduction courses for many different reasons.

These include:

– A desire to be better understood on the phone without having to repeat oneself

– More confidence when speaking or giving presentations in English

– To improve workplace communication and, by extension, job performance

Regardless of whether accent reduction speech therapy is sought for professional or personal reasons, it’s important to know that the goal is never to eliminate or erase an accent. Rather, the objective is to improve one’s ability to be understood when speaking English and to speak in a manner more consistent with native speakers.

There is no true one-size-fits-all approach to accent modification. This is because everyone has a unique form of speech, as well as patterns inherent to their individual mother tongues. Before treatment begins, an S-LP will perform a speech assessment that evaluates the production of specific consonants and vowels. Most importantly, it examines the rhythm with which the client speaks. Aspects like syllable stress, word emphasis, and how words are strung together are all analyzed to determine goals for optimal speech therapy outcomes.

Possible areas that can be worked on include:

– Pronunciation of consonants or vowels that may not be present in your mother tongue

– The sentence structure and word/syllable stress that makes up English grammar

– The unique rhythm of the English language

– Syntax techniques for modifying words

When you attend accent modification therapy in Toronto at The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada, you receive a mixture of on-site and at-home plans and practices. After all, speech is part of our everyday lives so it makes sense that any change in speech requires an equally encompassing approach. By keeping up with your at-home practice and lessons with your S-LP and through the efforts of you and your instructors, you will be able to maximize your chances for success.

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