Ages 3-4 years

  1. Literacy – look for familiar logos, store, or restaurant names. Name them as often as possible.
  2. Number concepts – when shopping, count together the fruits you are putting in a plastic bag (e.g. 5 apples, 3 pears)
  3. Literacy – hang letters on your refrigerator door. Name the letters together and then try taking turns.
  4. Language development – baking together. When taking out the ingredients, try and name new words (e.g. baking powder and talk about its purpose). 
  5. Pretend play, language, and social communication – set up a store with items, one person is the store clerk and the other the shopper. Ask for two boxes of cereal, a pint of strawberries, count the money, engage in a discussion (e.g.  “where do the strawberries come from?”)

Ages 4- 5 years 

  1. Literacy – show your child the cover of a book and start to talk about it and make predictions e.g. What do you think the story is about? What do you think is going to happen? Point out the name of the author and illustrator.
  2. Number concepts – count the number of traffic lights you see when driving. “How many white cars can you see and how many black cars are there? Were there more white cars than black cars?”
  3. Literacy – make a shopping list together and when shopping, while pointing to the word, let your child cross off the items as you remove them from the shelf.
  4. Literacy – while driving, shopping or in your home, ask your child to name the object with a letter you have chosen.
  5. Listening, following directions – play Simon Says.