I’m a Speech Therapist. This is what I do

“I’m a speech-language pathologist – SLP”, I said

“Who? What do you do to earn your bread?”

“Well, I talk, I speak…and that’s what I do…

Looks like you have not the slightest clue!”


I wake up each morning with a big smile

Feeling awesomeness about treading every mile

And along my path, I meet the young and old

Helping them overcome their communication challenges as their skills unfold.


To my young kiddos, I play a silly clown

Sharing laughs as I jump up and down

Natural fun opportunities for communication I create

I teach parents how to be a good play mate

“Follow their lead” is what I often say

They will learn to communicate if they enjoy your play!


I help those who don’t sound very clear

I offer intense practice to which they must adhere

I work with those who stutter and struggle to say what they say

Building communicative confidence all along the way!

I teach good use of one’s voice

Eliminating patterns that cause the vocal folds to make noise!


For those who’ve had a head injury or suffered from a stroke

For those who while eating food, often cough and choke

An SLP is someone who can help you

Restoring the quality of life as you learn skills anew!

Using your interests to do what you want to do

We build communication with goals tailored to you.


We counsel, we research, and we teach

In multiple settings we can be reached

We work hard so our clients can achieve their communication goals

As we take on one too many roles.

There’s always something different, always something new

And like you can tell…‘talking’ is not the only thing we do!

Yes we are SLP’s and for that we are proud

To serve with dedication and integrity we have vowed.


Written by: Nisha Balakrishnan M.A. SLP